1976 Ford Maverick.

June 28, 2014

1976 Ford Maverick Sedan.
1976 Ford Maverick Sedan.
1976 Ford Maverick Sedan.


Justin said...

That two tone, those wheels...would drive out of 10.

a1veedubber said...

I learned to drive 'three on the tree' in one of these, but it was badged as a Mercury. Fun sleepers with a V8 under the hood!

Richard said...

At the end of the Maverick era They started using two tones. Same with parking lights in the grill. If I'm not mistaken I think the interior options got nicer as well.

captaingizmo54 said...

You're right man! I had one of those. Mine was a '73 4-door sedan that had every-
thing but power windows. It ran a 235HP 302 V-8 mated to a C-6 auto tranny. My
wife and I bought it used from a buy here/pay here lot in Winter Haven, Fl. in'87 for
a thousand dollars. Even though it was 14 years old, the car was very well-preserved
for its age and had tremendous power and pick-up. When equipped with V-8 power,
these cars were Trans Am killers. My wife used to race local teenagers who had faster
cars than ours, and she won quite a few of them too! Other than normal maintainance,
the only thing we did to the car was to install a Kraco 4-channel stereo system to
replace the original Philco radio which wasn't working when we bought the car. Next
to my wife, that car was my baby, and I loved it very much. We enjoyed this car for
a year or so before trading it in for '86 Ford Escort wagon (big mistake!) and to this
day I have fond memories of this car and my wife. I miss them both very much.

Grumpy Cat said...

The two tone, the landau top, the giant bumbers. So malasie