1976 Chevrolet Nova Silver Medalist.

June 12, 2014

Nova Gold Medalist spotted in 2011.


Tony Piff said...

that is one heck of an old parked car. just think of the stories it could tell.

four intact hubcaps with matching whitewalls boggles the mind.

captaingizmo54 said...

Yeah Tony, this one's been well taken care of despite the body damage I see in some
of the photos. A collector would find this car to be an easy restoration project for
sure. My MIL had one of these until my wife totalled it in a traffic accident. Of all the
Nova models offered, I don't seem to recall this one. I've seen the Concours and the
camper models, but never a Medalist edition! You guys in Oregon have all the luck
when it comes to old cars in their natural state. All I see here in Florida are trailer
queens and cars driven to and from the local car shows. BTW, did you get the pics
of the jetliner I sent you? This thing is in Oregon parked in a wooded area of the state.
I thought of you and Ben when I came across it a few days ago. Keep 'em comin'! I
use pieces of them in my artwork. Great find!

Donkey Hoaty said...

Even in OR. I'll bet the sub-frames rotted-out on these! These were really lack-luster cars- no guts..no character (Sorry, Cap'n!) and they didn't age well. This generation of Nova is better-off forgotten..... You've heard of The Bard Of Avon? Well "Nova" spelled backwards is "Avon"- I call this The Turd Of Avon :D

captaingizmo54 said...

It's okay Don, just making an observation about this particular car. The fact that rust
is an issue only makes these cars all the more rare. Add in the fact that street rodders
covet the the very subframes you mentioned to improve the ride and handling of some
older GM cars as well, and you have the recipe for one rare automobile. BTW, I'm
getting ready to lay out a fishbowl! The photo you sent me gave me enough pieces
to begin the process after I fix a perspective issue with the '56 Ford fantasy OPC.
I noticed it after I sketched part of the second house that you'll see in the background.
Gotta get stirrin' around, Mother wants to go shopping later. Catcha later!

Jay Tyan said...

Ouch! did someone pour brake cleaner on the trunk?