1951 Willys Truck.

June 27, 2014



Anonymous said...

Talk about a bucket of bolts. This thing is tremendous.

I suggest that it should fall under the control of a new, yet to be created ordinance, regarding the preservation of objects of historic interest. This new, fantasy regulation, would 1) require owners to maintain vehicles such as this in their current, heavily patinated condition. 2) state funds would be made available, at a nominal interest rate, to owners for the ongoing care and maintenance of such vehicles.

Great to see this thing appears to have current plates, and therefore, be rolling at least some times.

Too, too cool. You guys done it again.

Anonymous said...

Mosey tag.

captaingizmo54 said...

Maybe if we press our state reps hard enough, it just might happen. That would
certainly make me happy! Of all the old cars I've seen in my life, beaters are the best.
How 'bout this? We email the History Channel and see if they'll do a show called
Old Parked Cars! Tony and Ben could be the hosts. They could find these cars and
talk to their owners about the history of the cars! I'd watch it...would you?

Mikael said...

I'd say this is where I draw the line between "interesting old car with funky patina" and "mentally disturbed".

Gábor said...

Oh, I like this. But am I the only one concerned about the roadworthiness of this vehicle? Can you bribe the inspectors at the MOT-test in the US?

About captaingizmo54's idea: I LOVE IT!

Tony Piff said...

we've posted plenty of shabby field finds and non-running side-yard projects in the weeds, but this hits a sweet spot that i don't think the blog has managed so successfully before.

the tags were current as recently as 2010, and the way it's standing in the street with inflated tires and no moss in the shadow really gives this thing some kind of mechanical presence that defies its unfathomably deteriorated state.

Justin said...

Every single picture has so much going on, this is a Best Of 2014 for sure.

Frank said...

Talk about how a picture is worth a thousand words...Wow and Thank you!

captaingizmo54 said...

There's no mental disturbance here fellas, we Americans simply love old cars! From
rusty derilicts to trailer queens, there's enough room in this hobby for car guys and gals
to pursue what makes them happy. In this case, however, we're talking serious beater
here. From what I can see here, the front end on this truck is fairly tight and solid as
the tires appear to be wearing evenly. Hopefully, the floorboards and exhaust system
are intact and hole-free. I do, however, have some concerns as to the wiring that is
hanging down everywhere. Evidentally the owner's doing something right here as the
truck does have current plates on it. As for bribing the DOT inspectors, you don't have to do that if you stay on top of your vehicle's maintainance needs. The only thing I
see that might be an issue is the broken vent window on the passenger's side door.
Having owned several trucks in the past, I can tell you that they are indeed quite picky
when it comes to truck inspections. I recall flunking an inspection due to improper
display of the rear tag. It was mounted on the tailgate instead of its usual position
because the former owner installed a Reese hitch that protruded through the rear bum-
per. Thankfully, this guy has nothing worry about here. In all, this truck is great, and
I'm glad to see that it's still being used daily. Great find!

Anonymous said...

I owned a fleet of these in 1972 when I was stationed on the moon.

Unknown said...

To the person who vandalized it: this truck has outlived people tougher than you.

Arthur said...

That wind wing sums up the whole truck. But, come to think of it, just about every spot on the thing sums up the truck.