1969 Volkswagen Fastback.

June 29, 2014

1969 Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback.
1969 Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback.
1969 Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback.


Anonymous said...

My cousins uncle had one of these, but it was blue. And a 4-door. And a turbo 6 cylinder. And Chevy medallions. Otherwise, identical. He told me I was privileged to see it just before he threw me in the trunk and dropped me off in the middle of the dessert. There is no water in the dessert. I had to eat cactus and lizards. Has anyone seen my watch? Im sure i left it in the bathroom. My bathroom has two toilets. I only use one at a time. Ill be back in 2 hours to comment further.

Michael said...

Must be a full moon out where anonymous lives. Good looking Fastback - sort of the beginning f a downward slide period for VW but still a worthy vehicle.

Richard said...

I remember seeing a lot of these cars during the late 70s/Early 80s. I noticed during the 90s I could never find one anymore. I really don't understand but all of them have vanished from my area NY/NJ

captaingizmo54 said...

One of my highschool teachers had one of these! His was Red with a Black interior.
One thing that I recall about these cars was the fact that they were the first vehicles
ever to get computerized diagnostic systems built into them. Volkswagen made much
ado about this in '67 or '68. They ran TV and magazine ads that told prospective buyers
about the benefit of repairing your car without a great deal of guesswork. The plug-in
was located on the firewall just above the engine. The technician simply plugged it in,
and was given a printout of the condition of the vehicle. Like you, I used to see a lot
these on the roads back then. Dune buggy builders probably got most of them, while
the costumizers and collectors got the rest. It's really great to see one in its native
habitat--on the road!

Garry said...

We had one of these when I was in high school. Bought in Washington, made the trip to Idaho, drove there for four years, and on to Iowa. Fin car, and even in the mid-70s, unusual enough to be different.