1981 Datsun 280ZX 4x4.

June 23, 2014



great white tiburon said...

wow that's actually pretty cool, and it looks like it's pretty well put together. never really liked the look of the 280zx as opposed to the z but I can say that this is 280zx I would love to have minus the auto zone badging. I dig those louvers too.

Justin said...

Damn, that's cool as hell.

captaingizmo54 said...

You sure the owner isn't from Florida? Down here, they'll put almost anything on 4-wheel
drive chassis and take it to the mud bog. Since I moved here nearly 30 years ago, I've seen
a huge parade of these conversions ranging from hearses, firetrucks, to Pacers and Pintos.
Of all of these, the hearse had to be the strangest. Just imagine driving down the freeway
and seeing something like that! I gotta tell ya' folks, that knocked me for a loop. This 'un
reminds me of a blown '70's style Corvette I saw tooling down Cypress Gardens Boulevard
in the late '90's. This thing must've sat a good 6 feet off the ground perched on those 44-
inch monster mudders and that quadra-shock suspension at each wheel. It had Rockwell
diffs at each end and the wildest American flag paint job I'd ever seen. It rumbled up behind
us, and I thought that it was going to squash our Chevy Cavelier with my wife and I inside it!
Turns out that it belonged to Speiker's 4-Wheel Drive, a conversion shop in Elouise. Each
time I see one of these, I wonder just what I'll be seeing next.

Unknown said...

Its a very nice and pretty car. I would like to have such a car.

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Anonymous said...

The car is remarkable. What I find more intriguing is the idea that someone would be so different from me that they would A) conceive this idea, B) take the initiative to bring it to fruition. Have you ever taken on a project? Much less, something as far-out as this. Every time I take on a project, almost no matter what it is, it takes about four times as long and costs four times as much as my original worst-case estimate. This project must have many surprises and imposed a requirement for significant creativity back-yard engineering. I can't conceive of wanting to do it but my hat is off to someone who could bring this off. Amazing, mind-blowing, crazy, odd and eccentric. This is folk art of a high order.

Keep-em coming, guys. Wonderful stuff.

Anonymous said...

Julia Jackson=obvious spambot.

West Tx at Heart said...

So what were they asking for it... I gotta know.

Mikael said...

The quintessential Sports Utility Vehicle?

Anonymous said...

NICE ,still have a few in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO,not that height though ,lovely pic