Revisited: 1971 Chrysler 300.

June 8, 2014

As photographed in 2010, just around the corner, before Ben even had a digital camera.
1971 Chrysler 300 coupe.
1971 Chrysler 300 coupe.
1971 Chrysler 300 coupe.


captaingizmo54 said...

Wow! Nice beater! Sadly, these were
the last of the quality Chryslers. By
'73 or '74, the build quality was so bad
that the company took out full-page
ads to reassure buyers that Chrysler
Corp. was doing its best to fix a whole
host of problems that beset these cars
during that time. As for this one, I'll
bet she's packin' a 383 V-8 backed by
a 727 tranny. Now this this is some-
thing that I would run out and buy! I
think my wife would approve.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you Oregonains know how spoiled you are to be able to see things like this still on the road. Where I am in NH, these would have turned to rusty powder years ago

captaingizmo54 said...

We who grew up in Illinois can certainly empathize with you man! We had the same
problem in the Midwest. The stuff they poured on the roads back then would rust an
oak tree! Unfortunately for Chrysler, rust-out was the car's achilles heal. Being a
unibody car didn't help either. Rust began in the body seams and worked its way out.
Many's the time I'd pull parts off of cars in the wrecking yard that were rusted in half.
That's how I kept my '63 Plymouth wagon running so long! Sad thing was that the donor cars all had less than 50K miles on them! The engine and tranny I put in my
wagon had 41K on them. You folks are indeed lucky in Oregon to have that rolling
museum on the streets out there. If I could afford to live there, I'd come join you!

Justin said...

Mmmmm...fuselage goodness. Love these yachts.

Ben Piff said...

Hey, this was when I had just started using my D70, but it was newly purchased so I didn't know how to use it aside from auto-everything.

Frank said...

Ha! I saw this car parked almost in the same place a few weeks ago...across from the Starbucks in St. Johns and it still looks the same!