1975 Honda Civic.

June 10, 2014



great white tiburon said...

seems like Oregon and Washington are safe havens for first gens. It's a shame this one's so dirty, I can appreciate patina but this one has grime all over it. it needs a good rinse.

Calvin said...

cartoonishly weathered

Frank said...

I would guess this might be a recent save. It has that look that not long ago this car was sitting in a blackberry patch. If that's the case, I'd hate to see what it looked like before!

Tony Piff said...

i think these things are bitchin, but they're common enough in the northwest that i'm really selective about which ones i'll stop to photograph. i pretty much only stop if there's something remarkable about the shot. that selectivity is mostly because i think ben doesn't really think they're rare enough to "count." i feel like i'm always the one to post another first-gen civic. so it's a relief to see ben post one.

and what an opc it is. yes, there's certainly a story behind this one.

the embedded youtube video is pretty cute, but my favorite detail is this comment posted five years ago by someone called "DP5." he writes:

I am a very highly skilled and experienced journeyman Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler/Jeep/(Eagle/Desoto/AMC/Nash/Hubmobile and Studabaker) auto mechanic and I genuinely hate cars and there owners. That said I have always been impressed with the first generation Civic and would proudly own one were it not for all the race cars, 4x4's, old Beetles and Rotary Mazda's laying around the house. Those little cvcc's are damn tough cars. Almost 40 years later and Detroit STILL can't build a decent small car.

Jim Scott said...

Looks like this one had a vinyl roof at one time.

My second car was a CVCC that went through two head gaskets, lost fifth gear, and the front subframe/windshield frame recall all in five years and 65,000 miles. When the dealer put the front end back together they forgot the cotter pin on the castle nut and the ball joint disconnected on our test drive home almost killing us... but we still loved that car!

captaingizmo54 said...

Last time I saw something that bad, a good friend of mine pulled a '32 Ford out of a
nearby forest. That old Ford looked mighty sad, but after we cleaned out the fuel and
cooling systems, replaced the brakes and tires, and added new points and plugs, it
started up and drove just fine. But like the Honda pictured here, you'd have to do some
tall talkin' if you wanted to park it in my Mom's garage while you worked on it!

Justin said...

Definitely a recent save job. Great patina, although it looks like some rust is starting to work it's way around the rear windows.