1969 Rambler American 440 station wagon.

June 22, 2014

Wagon overload, I know. But I just saw that Sam had posted his amazing wagon up for sale, and I thought it fitting to share the aching temptation with you. Check out that 4.0L HO Jeep EFI engine swap (direct bolt in)! See the Craigslist ad here, at $4500 I don't think it'll last long. Four wheel disc brakes, LSD, new bushings, fresh suspension, must...resist.


Anonymous said...

What is the blue vehicle in front?

Richard said...

Simple I like it

Tony Piff said...

crazy powerline action in the profile shot.

captaingizmo54 said...

All that for $4,500?! Count me in! What a unique vehicle you'd have when it's finished.
Seems like all the hard work's been done, and this unusual little wagon is ready for the
road. My BIL and I would do a fly-in drive-home on this one. All you'd need is a drive-
away title for the drive home. A drive-away title is a temporary vehicle registration that
allows a person to purchase a car in one state, and drive it to their home state without
having to buy tags for it at the time of purchase. With the web being what it is, any
DMV can issue one of these fairly quickly. You can arrange for vehicle insurance while
you're on the way to pick it up at the seller's house. I can say with all certainty that
this car would be very comfortable to drive on long trips as Ramblers of this era were
designed for cross-country junkets like this. The fact that this one has no major rust
issues is a plus considering that most of them met their ends due to Justin's pesky
tin worms. Well folks, here's your chance to own a great little wagon that would be
a guarenteed head twister!

great white tiburon said...

@ anon,
That's a second gen Subaru BRAT, I hope Ben got snaps of that too.

Justin said...

Definitely hope for a post of that BRAT. This Rambler is badass, would totally daily drive that.

Altarica said...

Ramblers always looked like they were designed in the Soviet Union and this one is no exception.