1956 Volvo PV444.

July 2, 2011



Tony Piff said...

a best of 2011 for patina, completeness, and that frickin split windshield.

i appreciate the amber fog lights, but the chrome eyelids belong on a vw and suggest that the current owner doesn't quite comprehend what he's got.

there isn't a rwd volvo i wouldn't embrace in a heartbeat.

thanks for the hubcap detail, which i first mis-read as "EVOLVE."

Ben Piff said...

Well heck, I hadn't even thought about that detail. But now that you mention it, I can't believe how much they change the look of the original face.

What do you think about the V at the front of the hood? Original, yet whacky detail.

I think I savored this more than any Volvo I've found.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, this link was sent to me today by a friend... This is MY Volvo. I am a SHE and I fully know what I have gotten myself into, ha! Her name is Scully, she is a 1957 (not '56) and I adore her dearly. She has a rebuilt B20 (not a stock B16) plus overdrive. So basically a 5 speed. Her paint is not original, rather someone painted her the original color 20 or so years ago. But I love her patina, wouldn't change a thing! As for the "eye lids"...they were there when I purchased her 6 years ago. Not really my style either, but they have grown on my, so I left them. The additional upper tail light s are also not original. Im not sure what or where they came from, but they make me pretty damn happy.
She was my daily driver for years, but as of recently I acquired another vehicle, so gets the much needed break she deserves. She is the apple of my eye and I hope she lives forever!
...i also love the pics, thanks for noticing her :)

julivilela said...

hello! is a very nice car! My grandfather had one but sold it years ago! I was left alone in the car's rear window. I have it on sale! If anyone is interested just contact me.

Tim Halpin said...

Reminds me of the volvo in the frighteners movie. MichAel j fox drove quite a few in that movie.