1979 Datsun 210 Hatchback.

July 27, 2011



Mikael said...

The lack of any visible rust damage is unbelievable. In my home country these were nasty rust buckets already in the early 80s.

And in 2011 it is not at all rare to see a birch tree growing through a similar abandoned Datsun... yes, I did say through.

Tony Thayer said...

I was just thinking the same thing. I bet you a bucket of nickels the floorboards are spongy.

Ben Piff said...

Tony and my first car was a 78 or 79 one of these, I hope I can dig up a photo of it before the crash. It didn't look as nice on the outside but we never had to think about the floorboards.

Tony, did the floors hold up as well as I think they did?

For the record, this is about as good as a Japanese car looked in the late 70s. I love every angle, I love the grill, and it's pretty crazy how much center caps can set off clean steelies.

I wish the 210s didn't hold up so well, so they could be a little more rare. But this one is undeniably cool. I love the color, the angles, and don't even mind the bigger bumpers. Heck I don't even mind that the rear quarter panel badge fell off (they always fall off) because it just makes me appreciate that pin stripe and dent free piece of metal.

Would love to try one of these gas sippers again, but doubt any one else in the family would support that. Eesh, I'm enjoying this way too much.

Justin said...

Man do I love these. My favorite is the previous gen,1974-1977 however. Honeycomb hubcaps ftw!

Anonymous said...

I had the same model and color of this car when I was in highschool (class 2001) I've regretted for the longest time ever selling it. Darn thing was durable with good MPG