1982 Subaru GLF Coupe.

July 30, 2011



Tony Piff said...

when i read the license plate-surround reading "she who dies with the most toys wins," i knew two things: the owner of this car was female, and that she loved it.

as i finished up, she came to the door looking very concerned but didn't immediately say anything.

i beamed a smile at her and said "i just love your car," and she immediately relaxed and turned to go inside. "19...81?" i asked.

"'82," she answered.

"how many miles?"

she thought for a second, then said "178,000."

"runs great?"


"awesome," i said. "have a nice night."

and i think we both did.

Ben Piff said...

That little beauty has so much detail.

It's awesome to hear the car has had a full life, but is so wonderfully intact. From the bumpers/guards, to the mint grill, to the louvres!

I've seen those wheels on just about every old Subie, but they really pop with this contrast.

Justin said...

Full life is 200,000 and on, in my opinion.
Still, for the amount of mileage, as you said, it's wonderfully intact.

Siddarth said...

"air conditioned by subaru"

love the cheesy sticker =)

Ben Piff said...

Saw this beauty today, and knew I'd seen it before. Had to get a closeup of the backend, particularly considering you misspelled the name of the model.

Rob said...

I owned the same car in high school (1990 or so) ran like a top. SOld it for peanuts and the new owners drove it for years. I miss the subie.