1983 Toyota Camry 5-Door Liftback.

July 12, 2011



The Professor said...

A Camry? Uh, OK...I see a lot of these, at least in California...maybe Oregon is different?

Justin said...

In RI, 2nd gen Camrys are getting sparse, so seeing a first gen is even rarer.

Ben Piff said...

I think the Camry name is so common that they'll be a little behind on the appreciation curve, compared to the rest of the early 80s. Unlike a good K car, which everybody loves.

Tony Piff said...

whether you call it a four-door hatch, a five-door hatch, a station wagon, or a liftback, this is the first time in the history of the blog that i've witnessed one of these parked and photographable;
i think i've seen two of these driving on the freeway in the past two years, which is why the car has been on my bucket-list of cars to shoot. that's less than the number of citroens i've seen this year.

...but you probably won't ever see another one posted here.