Sunday Bonus: 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport CL.

July 10, 2011

Watch. These. Ads. Then tell me you aren't glad I posted this car.


Jay Ho said...

Great post! I saw one of these in Oakland recently and freaked out, then immediately thought of you guys.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that thing was the Grand National of its time.

Oh, wait.
Way to go, Chevy.

Dave said...

My wife drove an '88 Eurosport when we got engaged. I married her anyway.

Justin said...

Now, what about the even-more-80's-even-more-rare Eurosport VR?

Tony Piff said...

sorry for the belated comments on this. i still won't say i'm glad you posted this car, ben, except for the number of comments it generated. that actually seems to be the case any time you post something controversial. but i will say i'm glad you posted those videos.

would watch again.