1970 Citroën ID19 Safari Wagon.

July 10, 2011

Big thanks to Uncle Zak for showing me this one!


Anonymous said...

It's a '72 ID21F actually. Wagons got the DS sedan motors vs the ID's 1985cc. Doors and steering wheel give it away.

It's really a pretty straight little guy except for the hood. Having the jump seats up is flaunting the presence of a floor there.

Neat thing to mention about the rack; instead of having a deflector the leading bar has a molded swirl on it. Before I put that on my wagon the roof would flex to a degree an the rack constantly rattled. No more, clever bastards!

-the guy who always comments on the french junk.

Ben Piff said...

Hey there!

We've got so many anonymous regulars, you should register so we can tell who's who.

Zak said this was a customer's car, so I suppose it's possible that he has incorrect info. Do you have any other photos that will show how the doors and steering wheel give the model away?

I wonder if the hood will ever get repainted, because you'd never get the color matched, and a full paint job could easily cost more than the car. But hey, at least it's not dented or rusty.

For me it's all about the roof line and tail fins, about as good as a wagon gets!

Anonymous said...

Only one (!) of these in mobile.de with a respective price tag, 18 000 euros.

Some French site might have more, but very rare car nowadays.

Citroen Sean said...

I could point out pictures but links aren't necessarily proof. I've been an on-again off-again Citroen mechanic for a handful of years.

The doors are a dead giveaway, flush outer door pulls mean post '72. The latches are unique to the chassis and people would have to cut & swap the pillars to fake it, so that doesn't happen often.

The steering wheel was still single spoke but not foamed prior to 72.

One-year only US-market car with original paint. Really sweet.

Hood's aluminum for added painting nightmares...

Spitfire said...

This car photo-bombs in one of Uncle Zak's ebay listings for a citroen gs.


Great car. The wouldn't do anything to it expect fixing the jump seats and the gauge cluster. Is the suspension still working? The car looks a bit low.

Why don't you post more of Uncle Zak's stuff? He seems to have some great cars.

Spitfire said...

It's for sale: http://www.zombiemotors.net/citroen-dsid-safari-wagon-for-sale-great-driver-needs-cosmetic-restoration/