1987 Peugeot 505 Turbo S.

July 19, 2011



Mikael said...

Awesome find, guys, best of 2011. I'd like to see this as the under the page headline!

This model was sold under the name "505 Turbo Injection" in Europe with a lot nicer headlights and rear lights, boasting 2.2 liters and 185 HP. It's a car with real character in many ways...

Citroen Sean said...

One of the best designed but worst made cars ever.

Ergonomically and visibility wise these cars are brilliant. Best compromise in terms of handling and ride as well. This S-Intercooler variant is a hellova drive. I had an 89 with some sort of factory body kit that drank every fluid other than engine oil as fast as you could pour it in as well as a healthy appetite for driveshafts/rear ends and power steering racks.

Lot of that 80's PSA output suffered from "Indifferent build quality".

In spite of all that, I think of that frog fondly.

Ben Piff said...

The above comments give me so much more respect for this car, and anyone who keeps them alive.

Not sure I'd trust hammering it around a curvy mountain road, but how great would some full throttle autobahning be in this?

Ben Piff said...

As soon as I posted that, I thought again about the displacement, power and size. Realized, I really would rather experience some curves in this.

Let's hope an owner finds this blog and befriends us.

Helga said...

Everyone in my family drives mid 80's Peugeots. They are awesome, and not to hard to find in the Pacific NW. Mine is 26 years old and runs like a champ, mountain roads or no.