1972 Volkswagen Thing.

July 16, 2011



Tony Piff said...

two very significant cars in the background and just out of sight, previously photographed under terrible conditions with a very cheap camera. i can only assume/hope that ben shot them and is waiting to drop them like weekend bonus bombs.

this must be one of the most expensive streets in all of portland, and yet this house is in no better shape than any of the five vintage non-running cars parked outside. you know the neighbors are just counting the days till the reclusive owner passes away.

nice shots of a Thing that no doubt has needs exceeding its resale value. these have an obvious quirky appeal, but i'd frankly choose a convertible beetle or a ww2 army jeep if forced to choose. that said, this one, glistening in with AM rainwater, reminds me of what i think is a fundamental truth--the lameness of driving a convertible with the top up, much less owning one that you don't have covered storage for, or, much worse, being stuck with it as a daily driver.

Anonymous said...

Orange Thing somehow feels seriously out of place and time: It should be army green or matt black. :)

Anonymous said...

VW Thing was only produced in 73 and 74.