Sunday Bonus: 1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z.

July 31, 2011



Anonymous said...

I LOVE Daytonas!! I use to own a few of them. I also had the Chrysler version called the Lazer. I even had a rare and often forgotten Daytona IROC model.

Ben Piff said...

When the owner walked up and started talking to me, I tried to get him fired up to talk to me (hoping he was a big Shelby fan).

Ben-"So hey, what are the specs on this thing?"
Owner-"I have no idea, my wife just got me this, and as you can see she already rear ended somebody."
Ben-"Aw man, well luckily the panels are shared with the standard Daytona."
Owner-"Yeah I've got a whole front clip ready to go on, the things pretty cool. It's got everything, turbo." (and walks away smiling)

Tony Piff said...

max lulz to that

Justin said...

Hope he gives it a thorough cleaning.
Don't let a woman behind the wheel of an 80's turbo L-body, haha.