1976 Subaru DL Wagon.

July 13, 2011



Mikael said...

Sometimes this blog is more lik "Old Parked Cars from Uzhbekistan" and not from Oregon USA.

Ben Piff said...

Wow thanks! Are Subies popular over there? They sure are in our region.

This is about as fun as car hunting gets. Would love to own, or just to drive by on a regular basis.

Justin said...

You gotta be kidding me.....there's 4 70's Subarus still being driven?!
There's gotta be no more than 30-40of these left.
This one has some real nice patina & hubcaps...not digging the rust, however.

Tony Piff said...

wowzie. i, too, did not expect another one of these. hubcaps and everything.

the rust is crazy, but look how clean the rockers are! i wonder how it's doing on the underside.

and it's even my favorite color.

Justin said...

Hell yeah. Faded Burnt Orange with awesome patina.