1962 Ford Galaxie 500.

April 30, 2012

A big thanks to Jaime for showing me around his new Galaxie! He picked this up for $1300 to drive while his Desoto is being restored.


Dave said...

What an absolute bitchin' car. Looks original- hey kid! Don't touch the cat!

Justin said...

Beautiful, but those Cragar dogdishes look terrible on it.

Ben Piff said...

Yeah I was worried about that cat photo was about to end badly, luckily it was one of those forgiving cats.

clifton.ra said...

Good photo of the painted simulated wood grain in http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-fpbP_5i01yE/T59jcmz3ySI/AAAAAAAAPj4/sJKxn2iVd8s/s1600/1962-ford-galaxie-500-4-door-sedan-hardtop-third-generation-428-390-352-302-cubic-inch-v8-engine-cu-in-third-generation-4.jpg above.

I had a library VHS tape several years ago which demonstrated the method to restore a faux wood paint job.