1965 Dodge Dart GT.

April 2, 2012



Dave said...

Nice patina. I like the raised front end- real old school. Good find Ben.

Tony Piff said...

yeah, gasser stance.

i think the funky little old house is charming in exactly the same way as the car, which i love.

fave incarnation of the dart?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the stance suggest the engine is out of the car?

Adam Holter said...

I concur... looks like this A-body is missing an engine. Bet it was a slant 6 at some point! Dig it, thought.

Anonymous said...

I think this is for sale on CL right now.

great white tiburon said...

these were the coolest darts, and with a slant six, such a unique engine. I do have a question for someone who lives in these area's though.
In past posts I See many old classics just sitting in the front yards like this one, I Can't help but wonder if the owners ever get ticketed for this. I Know in my town if your just a tiny bit on the grass the code enforcement Nazi's I'll be on your butt and slap you with a bogus fine. does this ever happen around there?

Justin said...

Man, a Dart is always welcome on the frontpage of OPC. This one has an awesome stance, very gasser-like, as Tony said.

Tony Piff said...

@tiburon: doesn't seem to be an issue that people are talking about in portland.

it's not an old city, but it was a run-down city until very recently, and i think most of the cars parked on lawns pre-date the ridiculous waves of gentrification.

grandfathered in, if you will.

you wouldn't believe the swanky neighborhood that holds this collection.

but then again, the moss-covered garage and collapsing fence suggest to me that the aging owner might struggle with his property taxes.

great white tiburon said...

aaaah, I gotcha. thanks tony.

clifton.ra said...

"...cars parked on lawns...owner might struggle with his property taxes..."

I also wondered about the non-operational vehicles.
In my urban area, even a for sale sign on a vehicle in the drive can result in a letter from code enforcement. Sell it quick!
Non-running is not tolerated, at the curb, in the yard, and in the drive.

Are rodents a problem? They can mess up an interior.

I'll do some research on your property tax rates. Mine are about 1.25% of assessed value. There was debate, recently, due to the housing meltdown, to cap assessment at 1% of assessed value. Falling home prices.

I don't plan to relocate. "Curious minds want to know." National Enquirer.