1981 Mercury Capri.

April 18, 2012



SeattleO said...

Way cooler than a Mustang, especially the Capri 5.0. Better styling, in my opinion, and more rare. Love the "woody" van in the background!

Justin said...

I remember seeing a few of these Capri's in the late 90's-early 2000's with those "spiderweb" wheels. Rare as hell nowadays.
And look at that hideous Econoline next to it...euuggh!

Anonymous said...

(European) Capri was a quite pretty car in 70s with a distinct style and then they transformed it into a standard, cubistic Ford econobox.

Good example of car design going haywire. ;) IMHO, at least.

Anyway: kudos to anyone who bothers to keep any old car alive and in traffic: Cars really don't belong to the museum but on the streets. At least on sunny day.

Anonymous said...

I've never noticed the teensy little box fender flares these have that the Mustangs don't, which would look cool if the wheels and tires were actually wide enough to fill them!

Looking at the Capri tag it seems you guys have yet to spot a bubble-back fox Capri. Always wanted one of those.

Tony Piff said...

anon: bubble-window exp, while you wait.