1974 Datsun 710 Wagon.

April 13, 2012



Anonymous said...

wow! Mint, and stock. Love the strange rear lights, and the curvy/bendy window bottoms. That's a pretty rare find, I would think.

Justin said...

Rare? Insanely rare, almost extinct.
Love the morning dew and the slight patina...not to mention the fact it's nice and stock.

Tony Piff said...

wowow bangin find and amazingly intact.

did it actually have all four hubcaps?

(i don't know if those are correct for the car.)

is that woodgrain detail on the tailgate?

great white tiburon said...

datsun always had cool lookin cars in the 70's but the 710 was one of the curviest and bold of their lineup next to the 240,60,80z and b210 fastback. this one is one of the best examples I've ever seen. no damage or body rot on it is just amazing, that's one cool wagon.

Ben Piff said...

Couldn't believe the hubcaps myself! But of course the badges had dissolved long ago. That snippet of tailgate wood can also be seen here. Would love to own one of these, particularly with an L28 turbo swap.

Brad said...

This was the exact car I drove in high school. Mine had a roof rack... I wish I still had her.