1978 Volvo 242 GT.

April 9, 2012



J+ said...

Shame someone had to ruin the paint :(
Love the original 242GT, my fav. Volvo (am I allowed to say that?)

Anonymous said...

I think the paint looks sharp. And brings the car, very subtly, into the 21st century. This is a very handsome setup and it looks like it drives like a sports sedan.

Or, it might drive like an old 242...

J+ said...

All 242gts were silver with black stripes, though. This ruins the original.
Tho I am biased, I'm allergic to the color red.

Anonymous said...

The color change is unfortunate, as are the rims.

They're as slow as any other Volvo of the period, but have some uniqueness. This car is missing all of that unique stuff off the front end, but doesn't have the spare tire wells in the trunk. The 78's have the cool body, but the 79's have the trick suspension.

The interior recalls a time when corduroy was sporty. As it should be.