1989 Ford F150.

April 18, 2012



Adam Holter said...

Awesome hood patina...but I have a hard time seeing this as "classic". I mean, I probably see 25 of these trucks every day on my 1/2-mile commute to work.

Ben Piff said...

You're definitely not wrong Cam, there is no shortage of light duty pickup trucks, particularly the F-Series. But I pass this one regularly and just found it to have amassed undeniable character for a late 80s vehicle. The action on the hood and the graphics really felt equally worth noting. Tony recently noted a pickup as being particularly honest, and that word keeps popping into my head when I look at this truck.

But definitely don't expect another F-Series to drop soon unless it really grabs me ; )

Dave said...

I agree- this is an honest truck.
The dents give it character. It's
not beautiful, but honest - yes.

Saskplanner said...

Had a Lariat version of this one-meaning it had all sorts of options on it. Dual tanks. Back when gas was 90 cents a gallon it took $75 dollars to fill both and that wouldn't last very long. My house to downtown was 5 miles. You would see the fuel gauge go down noticably on a return trip.