1966 Dodge Coronet 440 Wagon.

April 24, 2012



SeattleO said...

How could anybody choose a minivan over this grocery getter? The tires and wheels really give this a drag racer look. Cool.

P.S. I have started a parked cars blog, too. Please check it out at seattlesparkedcars.blogspot.com

Tony Piff said...

seattle has amazing car-spotting.

we'll be watching the blog.


Justin said...

@ SeattleO:Because of braindead, sheeple, conformist consumers. It doesn't have XXL cupholders, GPS, and DVD players up the ass, so it's "OH MY GOD PLEBIAN".
Anyway, cynical views aside, this thing is BADASS.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Seattle! Good to see others joining the game. I'll be watching, too.

Unknown said...

I can't even remember the last time I saw a station wagon, let alone a cool vintage one. I may have seen one in one of those used car dealer in florida around where my cousin lives, but I could have been hallucinating. Thanks for the post Tony, hopefully I get to find something like this in the future.