1972 Honda Z600 Coupe.

April 14, 2012



Anonymous said...

This one is a really small car.

Essentially a two-seater for kids. ;)

Justin said...

Holy crap.
I LOVE the Z600. Can't believe you guys found one.

Tony Piff said...

why am i not at all surprised that it's ben who spotted the first one?

friggin amazing. this must be a restored car, not a preserved original, right?

great white tiburon said...

OOOOOOOOOH, I want it. one the few kei cars imported to america.they sold these at motorcycle dealers. a fantastic example. the only thing is that plate they put on for the american licence plates should come off. it spoils the look of the rear end a little and it hides the original mounting area underneath. if I recall, the American and Japanese kei plates are similar in size, so I don't know why they put that plate on.

Ben Piff said...

This is an all original recent transplant from the midwest! The new owner told me it was traded in for a Civic CVCC in 1977 and the dealership kept it in their showroom for 30 years. It was then sold to an individual who kept it until recently, but was forced out of their storage unit.

I think it was resprayed at one time, but this has to be one of the most original Z600s in the US. The owner told me he's had it less than a week and has already been offered nearly twice the price he paid. Loved hearing about the box of NOS spare parts that it came with, pistons, rings, airbox. The only thing he's looking to change is to find one of the wood steering wheels and shift knobs that were an option that year.

Anonymous said...

That's blowin' my mind right there.
Love how the brake and clutch masters are on opposite sides of the bay.
And despite its diminutive size, the rear quarters are pop-outs.
Never turn down an opportunity to have pop-outs.

Pete said...

Those are so cool! I always wanted one of these. As a car-crazy teenager I haunted the local Honda dealer every chance I had. But by the time I finally got my licence it was out of production, and a Civic seemed boring. Most of the ones I saw were yellow or orange, I don't remember seeing a blue one.

Matt K said...

I remember haunting the dealerships in Ames back in the 90's when going to ISU......I don't remember seeing this though. I must have spent too much time at the Chevrolet and Buick dealers!
Honda of Ames is still there, but I think they went through an ownership changed fairly recently which might explain the sale of the car.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I guess this is it. Best post ever on Old Parked Cars. If these photos don't vault you into the consciousness of the NY Times, or LA Times, or... I don't know what, then I don't know what will.

Truly amazing! Wonderful beyond description. Talk about a rare catch!


Unknown said...

I have a love affair with these cars. I had friends in high school with an orange one. It was traded between 1989-1992 (along with a purple/white two-tone VW Square back) between several folks, $900 to one friend..$500 or so to the next guy. What I would do to own that car now. I rode in the back once, it really was not so bad. Not as roomy as my Turbo Sprint by any means, but considering the size it was acceptable. A few years ago a car show for micro cars took place at a WA race track park (cannot recall the name). Someone owned one of these and took me for a ride. It was a fun little car. He owned it since new.

Dan said...

That would be such a cool commuter. No way in hell would I turn it down!