1997 Lada Niva 1600.

April 28, 2012







great white tiburon said...

NO FRIKKIN WAY!!!! I WANT ONE OF THESE SOOOOO BAD!!! one of the coolest offroaders on the planet.
I can haz please? lol. whats also cool is they still make them and they look exactly like this straight out of the 70's. the only way to get one without importing one overseas is to go to the land of Canada or south america, but in Russia they're a dime a dozen. I would even consider trading my beloved 2door pathfinder for a niva.

swiftman007 said...

Here in canada the one we still have on road are so rusty.... Too bad, these are great truck with proven capabilities

Matheus Marques said...

Here in Brazil there are still some running ok, but most of them don't work any more and don't cost much.

I like this "Niva" written in Russina in this front plate!

sczahra said...

I think this Niva is on ebay, either that or someone else in oregon has the same thing!


Justin said...

Man, i'm with everybody else on this one. A Lada Niva in Oregon? That's freaking awesome!

Tony Piff said...

@sczahra: well, my previous statement stands corrected.

Anonymous said...

Watch Time Runner with Mark Hamill for a chase lol

Colin Dayton Stacy said...

NEAT! Awesome find! I like the side profile pic for these, too. Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

Ladas are actually quite plentiful here in Finland, if you can stomach the transportation and/or registration fees into US.

I don't know if it's possible even.

Anyway, look for yourself:
http://www.nettiauto.com/ and select from upper right corner "In english": Voilá!

(Local selling forum for small companies and private sellers, quite good)

Unknown said...

нива в орегоне! не верю своим глазам))

Anonymous said...

Как она туда попала? )