1988 Toyota Celica All-Trac ST165.

April 1, 2012



great white tiburon said...

wow such a rare sight, I've only seen one of these on the road. I hope the owner knows how lucky he or she is to have such a mean machine.

Anonymous said...

Just badass. Toyota consistently made pretty cool products until some point in the late 90s. I cant see myself buying a new toyota but I daydream of buying a nice, classic toyota frequently.

Justin said...

Christ, these are RARE. Great to see this one not modified too much. Love the turbo All Trac badge.

urojaptrash luver said...

rad, but i would like to put the driveline into a sv21 camry, but still very rad

Tony Piff said...

i do love this gen of celica. so much glass, so little pillar.

you see them pretty regularly, so i'm always just kinda looking for one in a dramatic setting or exceptional light to make it worth stopping for a photoshoot.

i'm really glad you noticed and documented that detail, as it would have been invisible to me.

this counts in a big way.