1959 Vespa 400.

June 14, 2014

Narrowly losing out to this BMW Isetta 300 for the titles of both lightest and shortest wheelbase OPC (the Vespa lost by 50lbs and 8 inches). Also, Mark from MPH Specialties owns this car (and a few other choice OPC microcars) and wanted us to invite you to The Great Pacific North West Microcar Minicar Extravaganza in mid July.


great white tiburon said...

WOW, what a find, a hot-rodded vespa, very,very cool.
I can't help but wonder what he's packin under the hood now, he put 5 lug hubs on the rear and went with what looks like a 14 or 15 inch steelie so there's gotta be somthing more than the stock 2 cyl 393cc engine. I gotta nominate this one for best of 2014.

Film Stock said...

Theres a vw engine in the back. You can check out his videos of it on youtube at 2stroketurbo. I wish I could come to the show.

Donkey Hoaty said...

Mr. Bean's next car!

I wonder how many clowns came out of it?

great white tiburon said...

@ Film Stock,
thanks for the info, I gotta go check that out.

captaingizmo54 said...

Dunno about that Don, but the owner of this car is having a ball with it! You should
check out his videos on Youtube. Filmstock posted a link to it here. On the other hand,
two nitwitts in New Jersey dropped a 1200cc Harley engine into one of these with
disasterous results. The owner of our feature said that the V-Dub engine in his car
is almost too powerful for it. It almost makes me want to explore building a replica of
this car complete with 4-wheel independant suspension, electric brakes and steering,
and some slightly wider tires to give it some grip on the road. Power would come from
either a 750cc Honda motorcycle engine or a suitable electric motor and battery combo.
Only thing I haven't figured out what tranny to put in it. Now wouldn't that be some-
thing to see on Powernation TV?

Mikael said...

Life in post-credit crunch America. At least the morning's first rays of sun bring a glimmer of hope.

Justin said...

That rear shot showing off the fat rear tires and chrome exhaust tip make it Best of 2014 for sure.

Tony Piff said...

"wacky" and "flesh-colored econobox" tags added.

dude is having a blast with these ridiculous old cars, that's for sure.