Somewhat Similar: 1968 Ford Fairlane Wagon.

June 21, 2014

1968 Ford Fairlane Wagon.
1968 Ford Fairlane Wagon.
1968 Ford Fairlane Wagon.


Justin said...

Dogdishes up front, slotmags in the back. Bitchin'.

captaingizmo54 said...

Hope he puts some slots up front too! These cars looked great with slot mags all
'round. Don, I hope you see this! This 'un's done up just the way you like 'em! Looks
like an old university fleet car to me. As a boy growing up in Illinois, I used to see
these quite often at Illinois State University, where they were used to haul both people
and cargo. They were very reliable and soundly built. I'll bet this 'un's got a 302 V-8
backed by a C-4 auto tranny. Basic transportation at its finest!

Donkey Hoaty said...

Oh, you know I love this 'un, Cap'n!!!

Only way ity could be better, is if it were a '67 with the vertical headlight!

But hey, I'd take this one in a heartbeat!

I haven't seen one of these on the street since the 80's!!!!

captaingizmo54 said...

How'd that grab ya' Don? Thought of you the minute I saw this. That '67 you just
mentioned would be awesome too. I think I might've seen one here in Auburndale
while we were out running errands. I think it was White and had steelies capped
by dog dish hubcaps. I could tell that it was well taken care of by the elderly gentle-
man who was driving it. I've also seen a sedan here too. That one looks like the car
they used on the Dragnet TV series. Have you seen the '69 Rambler yet? I'd let
Mother drive that one just the way it sits. Don't forget to drop by and see the '65
Ranch Wagon! My first wife and I owned a '66 model about 40 years ago. We used
it to ferry band equipment around town when we played locally. Wound up trading
it for a '68 Plymouth Satellite 2-door HT. Wish I had it now.

Ben Piff said...

Wow, is it your camera or the lighting that beckons the viewer INTO-THE-CAR? Can fondly imagine being a kid looking up at that vast headliner on roadtrips haulin stuff from the flea market. Would love to own something like this, it could certainly match some pickups in terms of storage, right?