1976 Chevrolet Nova Gold Medalist.

August 19, 2011



Anonymous said...

Hahaha. 3rd place 1976 Special Olympics. Smog pumps FTW!

Tony Piff said...

well, well.

in case you weren't already aware of the imminent lameness of "commemorative edition" anything.

don't want one, but great photos, especially that profile, except for the sad flat tire. thanks for the grill detail, too

Ben Piff said...

So you guys knew that Chevy sponsored the 76 Olympics? Google searching turns up plenty of "gold" medalists, but I'm just guessing that this means bronze.

Ben Piff said...

On second thought, I think the medalist could be ordered in a variety of colors.

Justin said...

Malaise-era special olympics editon. LOL.
Love the profile shot...shame about the flat.