1956 Pontiac Chieftain Station Wagon.

August 8, 2011



Anonymous said...

man, great find - big classic wagons serving as punk beaters are hard to find outside of the Pacific Northwest these days. At least, it seems to me like it's a long-stamina hold out for these kinds of cars.

Ben Piff said...

You said it autofrei. I can't imagine there are many regions where this era of car lives outside of a garage.

Will definitely visit again with my real camera, but I was quite happy with what my phone was able to capture in this tough summer lighting. Pic 3 in particular, no editing, my favorite OPC phone shot ever.

Anyone know what car that grill is from? Because it made research quite difficult, but it looks boss.

Anonymous said...

The grill is from a DeSoto. Most likely '53 or so

Justin said...

Already saw her on Cars Of Bridgetown.....but much better shots here :)
Badass rockabilly wagon, would totally take this to the beach.

Anonymous said...

There is a beater Chevelle wagon like this one - lost and found grill, tons of stickers, no money for a respray paint - didn't put it in front of my lens when I had the chance and now I don't know when I'll see another car like it. Much props on the cameraphone pics - you could have fooled me, they look great!

Tony Piff said...

cameraphone? really?

excellently done.