1979 Plymouth Volaré Premier Wagon.

August 11, 2011



Tony Piff said...

yes, the cyclist is hitch-hiking. no, i did not offer him a ride.

would have if i'd been in my truck w/o my disapproving wife.

Mikael said...

You know what guys... these are awesome pictures, especially the last one. I can almost sense how fresh the air is.

Ben Piff said...

This is right near my house, but not a road I drive very often. I've told myself a lot of times, "you really should stop and take a picture of that, even though it's got a busted tooth" (That's definitely a weak point on these Volare' grills, I've got another wagon that has the same tooth broken out, I guess I won't discard those pics after all).

But this is one of those rare instances where I am so glad I didn't stop to take pictures, because that ambiance is better than I ever thought possible here. Wood grain has never looked as good as with that color combo. Totally sweet.

Feels good to have this much wood on the main page. Like a coming of age, we're on a new level here. In the big leagues.

Tony Piff said...

i'd passed the car up earlier in the day, and was hoping it would still be there on our way back. timing wasn't really convenient, and i had a feeling ben had already photographed the car, but i knew the lighting was special. flipped a u-turn at 50 mph, went back and fired out these shots, went home very happy.

adam.giguere said...

We had a wagon in this color, it was always breaking down and I believe the front fenders rusted through when it was pretty new.