1971 Jaguar E-type V12 and Frants.

August 13, 2011

Atika, Gustav, and I would like to send a huge thanks to our new friend Frants, who we met as we were leaving a breakfast restaurant in Manzanita, OR. He was walking in, and I looked out and my jaw dropped.

Me: "Is that your E-type, sir?"
Frants: "Yes."
Me: Reaches up and shakes his hand. "Well done! Is that a '73?"
Frants: "1971, actually."

He was happy to walk over and open the car up for us to drool over, and I shot about a million pictures with my phone while my wife chatted with him. The next thing I know, Atika and Frants have set up a time for us to stop by his house with an actual camera and check out the rest of his collection. It was wonderful hearing Frants share how his dream car came to be a reality in 2002, how it's continued to be a dream-come-true, and many other heart-warming life stories. I gave him my copy of the most recent issue of SCM, which happens to feature an article where E-type owners share their hilarious and frustrating memories (mostly horror stories).

More details to come...


Mikael said...

G-Man Jerry Cotton always used to dream about a V12 Jaguar... nice to see he managed to get one for his retirement days.

Tony Piff said...

nailed this one, didn't ya? I'm glad you held off telling me that story; waiting was definitely the harder thing and paid off in dividends. frants looks like a guy I want to know/be.