1988 Volkswagen 16v Scirocco.

August 5, 2011



Justin said...

Man, I remember seeing quite a few 16V Sciroccos back in the 90's.
This one is beautiful, love the color.

Ben Piff said...

Sicko factory ground effects! Interesting that the bumpers are different colors, but a little contrast with all that gold action is just fine. That lovely lil' badge really sets the back end off, and I wonder what these would look like without that little wing on the back. Probably very strange.

Actually a design that is growing on me second by second. What a sporty wedge.

Tony Piff said...

i'm pretty confident that the wheels make it an '88, but all the other google-image-search 16vs seem to have a grille emblem.


Anonymous said...

Forgive me for asking this question.

Aren't the teardrop wheels backwards?

Shouldn't they roll forward looking like a comet with the "ball" forward?