1991 Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon.

August 19, 2011



Jay said...

I'd kill for a van like that.

Michael said...

The text on the rims is oddly in Spanish and German, why?

It says "Das beste auf der Welt" which roughly translates to "the best on Earth/the best in the world".

Modesty doesn't seem to bother the rim manufacturer.

Anonymous said...

Three-piece billet aluminium rims aren't cheap anywhere.

If those were new, they'd probably cost more than rest of the car.

But I can agree that 'Best of the world' is over the edge, even it seems a common practice in US. ;)

Tony Piff said...

weird how things go in cycles--I think there was a period of about a year after ben posted the first one of these before we saw another, and then we've had 3 or 4 in the past few months, seems like.

the contrasting black and white shapes of the profile are super cool.

Tony Thayer said...

This is the most amazing van I've ever seen! Goddamn Canadians and their awesome Japanese importations.

IsuzuGeek said...

I saw one of these while in Japan. Awesoem 4x4! I wish we could get em in the States!

Ben Piff said...

Interestingly, this Delica Exceed as well as this Delica Super Exceed were both parked at the same hotel.

Such a cool stance, and what an obviously great idea. The only thing close that the US got was the Syncro van and the somewhat rare 4x4 Toyota van of the 80s, right?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, thieves love this vehicle. Not sure what the vulnerability is, but they are often stolen.

After much research, this was one of the top choices of a friend. Apparently they're not easy finds in the US.

Damn, I love this site.

Jon4Than said...

Saw quite a few of those in Canada when I was there...I didn't know they were rare, though. I may have taken a picture of one like that because of the funny profile. And yeah, I was thinking they were way cool.