1963 Mercury Monterey Custom.

August 12, 2011



Anonymous said...

Dude, How you guys find all these cars in just Portland and the rest of Oregon, is CRAZY.

That Merc has a power rear facing window, the actual back glass slides down into the car.

kenosha62 said...

My folks had one of these and I had to wash it every weekend in 1963. That funny electric rear window was called a "Breezeway Option" Ours Had the 390ci 4bbl a real monster. I still love the look of this car!

Justin said...

Man...gotta love that roofline, with the flat rear window. Totally awesome.

Tony Piff said...

coolest generation of the monterey, fantastic fantastic. I remember when ben posted that other one way back in the blog's earliest days, probably shot with an iphone3, and the commenter referred to the roll-down rear window, but I was for some reason not convinced.

much better pics this time, much better comments.

what an excellent sedan.

clifton.ra said...

1963 Mercury Breezeway Monterey

Model Weight Price
4-door Sedan 3,944 $2,887 18,177
2-door Sedan
3,854 $2,834 4,640
Hardtop Coupe
3,869 $2,930 3,879
Hardtop Sedan­ 3,959 $2,995 1,692
Total Monterey Breezeway: 28,388

1963 Mercury Breezeway Monterey Custom

Model Weight Price
4-door Sedan
3,956 $3,075 39,542
Hardtop Coupe
3,881 $3,083 10,693
Hardtop Sedan 3,971 $3,148 8,604
S-55 Hardtop Coupe 3,894 $3,650 3,863
S-55 ­Hardtop Sedan 3,984 $3,715 1,203
Total 1963 Mercury Breezeway: 92,293

A hardtop coupe. About 20% of the production used this body.

Unknown said...

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