1951 Chevrolet Pickup.

August 29, 2011



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Tony Piff said...

this is in the heart of the pearl district, directly adjacent to mega-ad-agency weiden & kennedy, and the neighborhood is always buzzing with "creative" types and aspiring wanna-bes.

as i photographed this, a car pulled up, and the guy inside asked enthusiastically, "is that yours?!"

"naw," i said. "it's pretty great, though, isn't it?"

"yeah," he said. "i'd really like to use that in something."

presumably, he meant use it as a film prop for some kind of production.

"it's perfect," he said.

not a magical spot like the above post, but for the record, ben did snap this nash metropolitan parked right there earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

That pickup is gorgeous. And very nice photos.

Ben Piff said...

One of my favorite things about car spotting is watching parking spot dynamics. Seeing spots get continually occupied by cool cars gives me a fondness for the areas themselves.

As I drive through neighborhoods, part of me is looking for new finds, and part of me is enjoying the memories of past finds. Like, "Sigh, I wonder how that 71 Triumph GT6 MK3 Sport Coupe is doin..."