1978 International Harvester Loadstar Binder.

August 2, 2011



Ben Piff said...

Although the Loadstar was made from 62-69, the Binder is the only model that has a descriptive sentence on Wikipedia. "The Binder was made from 1976 to 1978. It was made to use up parts so International Harvester could start the S-Series in 1979."

With such a long history, I feel lucky to have found an example from the most interesting and exciting period.

One of my favorite points of contrast on this behemoth is the difference in size between the bigger-than-your-fist hood ornament and the thumbnail sized logo on the strapped-together mirror. Maybe I'll put a picture of that up.

Also love the off axis positions of the four original looking orange lights.

Tony Piff said...

a lot going on with this one, not the least of which is that flatbed with barnyard cage.

i think "binder" is an abbreviation of "corn binder," which is a real thing on a farm, and obviously related to the word "harvester."

there's a guy at work who writes for the IH enthusiast magazine (i think it's called "red power"), and i swear i've heard him refer to harvesters as "'Binders."

Anonymous said...

Still refer to international trucks as binders to this day......I drive a class 8 long nose international and just love the brand. ....nice too see a piece of history still hard at work