1967 Ford Thunderbird Pillared Hardtop Landau Sedan.

August 2, 2011



Justin said...

Oh man....do want.
Funnily enough, this big beautiful brute was recently posted on The Cars Of Bridgetown.

Ben Piff said...

Yeah there's a whole lotta overlap between the 2 blogs, because we lived in the same neighborhood for a long time. And even though I moved out of that neighborhood, it's still my favorite place to go back and look for gold like this.

This is definitely my favorite gen of Thunderbird, and this strange and fairly rare body style really stands out from all the rest.

Love the patina, and love wondering just how nice it would buff up if someone wanted to get rid of the protective layer of cobwebs and moss.

Also, you can't see it but there was a spider thriving in the corner nook above the bumper.

Michael Orr said...

Nice! Finally made it up to Failing St. Lots of lookers just off N Mississippi.

Ben Piff said...

Yeah Michael, way too many streets and way too much good stuff. I've been gradually exploring over the last year, but still have a lot left.

I usually like to blurr out addresses or street signs, but I think it would be awesome if OPC helped this sweet car sell.

Michael Orr said...

Having lived almost right around the corner for the past 15 months, I can tell you it's been sitting there for a long time! Hopefully someone can give it a good home.