1965 Plymouth Fury III.

August 15, 2011



Anonymous said...

Needs whitewalls, otherwise perfect in every way.

Tony Piff said...

you're quick, ben.

this showed up one block from my house less than a week ago (i snapped some cameraphone photos); later, I saw it parked in a different spot a little ways away, which suggests to me that it's just moved into the neighborhood.

nicely documented.

Ben Piff said...

Show nuff, it was seeing this car a couple weeks later in your neighborhood that made me want to post it up.

It definitely checks a certain type of Fury off my list. About as busy of a car as I want to document :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that's a '65. They were similar to the '66s, but there are a few differences -- most obvious in the front end and taillights.

Tony Piff said...

thanks for the tip, anon.