1968 Lotus Elan S3.

August 7, 2011



Mikael said...

Beautiful. Those bumpers fit really nicely.

Btw. Why does that Beemer in the background have German plates?

Anonymous said...

Mikael: A German import? Or just to show that it's a German car?

As far as I know, many states don't care what plate (if any) you have in the front of the car, so using original (or just any German plate) would be legal.

Tony Piff said...

so this is the car that inspired the miata?

super dope. you just don't see these around.

profile shot would be a banner pic candidate, except for the roll bar.

with the silver rims and bumpers, i'd have believed you if you told me this was a 1980s car.

Tony Thayer said...

I had to look close to see that those weren't Miata wheels! It is so clean.

Grumpy Cat said...

In the last pic, read the quote on the wall. It is perfect with this car!