1972 MG MGB.

April 8, 2012



Dave said...

I was 21 years old and had just moved to Philadelphia to finish school. I had a summer job as a parking lot attendant. Imagine my excitement when a guy pulled up in a yellow MGB. 'I'll be back in a half hour' tossing me the keys. Stomp on the clutch, shift into 1st, GRSHSHK GRRKANK What the @*#$ is going on? Nonplussed, I push the yellow sports car into the nearby spot. On his return, he was impressed that I gave his car the 'spot of esteem'. Have a nice day!

Ben Piff said...

This was the owner's first car, and I think it lived most of its life in Wisconsin. Can you imagine?

Chad said...

She was a total rust bucket when I bought it, Now she gets polish and cleanings as often as I can. Best daily driver a person could have.