1966 BMW 1600.

December 15, 2010



Ben Piff said...

Gorgeously subtle patina on this thing's little insect face. I bet that's original paint, with the faintest sprinkling of surface rust. And that complete trim really ties it all together.

tony said...

i love 2002's, but i'm so totally over the huge number of over-restored examples; i almost pulled over and shot a 2002 today, because the paint was in such exceptionally poor shape.

glad i didn't.

this is actually just lovely. tiny bumpers. no side markers. humble little hubcaps. not a 2002. not restored.

paint looks wonderfully aged.

Justin said...

I love how simple it is. Nice, small bumpers, and a small chrome pinstripe. I'd love to drive this.

elbibiq said...

yes, wonderfully preserved unit. must have spent a good part of its existece in a garage. chrome is still great, all factory details are still there, no apparent rust on the usual problematic places. just wonderful!

is it for sale? :)

one interesting thing, the tail lights have the turning light (little round thing in the middle) in red. the European models have it yellow/orange. cool US market detail...

flie.one said...

saw one of these rallying in the UK and the sound was unreal.
beautiful car..