1978 Honda Civic.

December 26, 2010



Michael Orr said...

Am I the only one who thinks the late 70s Civics are cooler than most cars made today?

Ben Piff said...

I'm convinced that the beauty/simplicity of that design, and the role this generation of Civic played in cementing Honda's image of quality, must get them a fair bit of props in the real world.

I certainly can't pass one up without appreciating it. I think the owner called this car piglet, the little pig, or something along those lines. Note the sticker on the passenger door.

Tony Piff said...

orange rounds up front, sitting on black steelies with chrome rings, bolts, and center caps.

irresistible, and i feel yellow is the "iconic" color for these.

love the glimpse of sky reflected in the windows.

Anonymous said...

I owned one from 1980 to 1994. Bought for $2000 used and sold for $600 with a blown up engine and over 300,000 miles. It got 40 mpg highway. I'm still desperately seeking a yellow replacement. Why can't Honda see that the Fit is ugly and this was cute?

Anonymous said...

This lil Civic is cute, like a lil lemondrop. lol

I spy a TE70 Rolla wagon in the back, in the 1st photo... wow, this guy has good taste to own 2 classic Japanese econocars. lol

Tony Piff said...

that red rolla wagon belongs to ben, the blogger who shot the civic. he at one time owned a matching pair of them. i agree that he has good taste, but he's never been so fortunate as to own anything quite as tiny as this this civic.