Peugeot Sensory Overload, Part 7 of 7: 1968 404 Familiale.

December 1, 2010



tony said...

7 of 7, so i guess this wraps it up?

re, the whole set: brilliantly shot and ordered, great foreshadowing with the minimal background glimpses, great details, perfect title.

was there perhaps a barn or garage or carport somewhere where the owner's daily driver or crown jewel is kept? crazy that these are all sitting out exposed to the elements, hoods up and everything.

re, the finale car: what a find. modern bike rack still attached, and it looks like it was tagged up until july of this year! could it run? i guess a vw squareback or volvo amazon is the closest comparison here (what we got stateside anyway). double rear bumpers (one split-style), with indicators added.

are those hippie stickers on the tailgate glass? get a close-up of the grill emblem?

Ben Piff said...

You know, there was a garage and I believe a back yard too. I tried knocking on the door to get permission, but no one answered. Still pretty stressful creeping all around the yard with a camera.

I remember seeing a lot of parts in the garage, but that convertible is definitely the crown jewel. I doubt it's going to stay there all winter, or it wouldn't look how it does. A neighbor walked by and told me I had to come back when the people are home, as they're really nice and obviously would want to talk to anyone who's into Peugeots.

It's not far from me, so I'll definitely try and make it happen soon. On the wagon, I saw at least 1 transmission sitting on the ground nearby (see pic 2, the big black cone on the left side). These are simple enough that I'm sure it's not far from running. The rear angle on it absolutely does it for me, I wasn't able to really savor it till I got home and looked at the pictures in detail.

Everything about that curved overhanging roof is beautiful. Also, I don't think I've ever been more tempted to remove side marker lights, they're just at war with every other shape and line on the car. Looking at the tailgate shot makes me wonder why the car is leaning so much...and with all that bumper and tail light real estate, I sure wouldn't expect them to survive so well!

Yes on the hippy stickers, but this was before I started looking closely at details like that. This really was sensory overload, should have made a 2 day project out of it :) I do have a nice closeup of the emblem, I was debating between that and the Forest tag but I'll post it for you tonight.

Pretty unhappy about how much color got washed out on the convertible, gonna try and reupload those.

Justin said...

Cats, Peugeot's and ripped up old furniture lying about outside....must be an eccentric bunch!
Gotta love how those crazy-ass Frenchies spell family.