1968 Citroen Ami 6 Estate.

December 23, 2010



Tony Piff said...

you did not see this.

Ben Piff said...

Are you saying I didn't shoot it? I can't believe how close to home it popped up.

Dan said...

The hood on this thing is the complete opposite of a power-bulge.

Anonymous said...

Hey excellent blog! As per the license plates, this thing has come from somewhere near Rennes, in Ile et Vilaine, Brittany, France. How and why one should bother to get that car to the US is beyond my knowledge. Even for European cars of that time it's quite weird looking.

Peter Ringger said...

This car was not manufactured in the Citroën works but in the former factory of Panhard & Levassor and was originally planned as a Panhard & Levassor model. This company built some of the most technically and optical interesting cars in Europe before it was taken over by Citroën in 1967.

Peugeottogo said...

Funny car isn't it? This 1967 Citroen Ami 6 Break use to be mine!
I sold it in September 2008 to the current owner in Portland. Anyone wanting info can email me at peugeottogo@yahoo.com

Peugeottogo said...

And yes the Ami is from Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany, France.
Was imported to California in 2001 :)

Anonymous said...

Hello from Paris and thanks for your excellent blog.
Just a word about this Ami 6, which one of your followers calls a reason to forbid French to build cars !
This car has a secret feature: it is SO light that you may drive normally on fresh snow with standard tires, even despite the narrowness of the wheels... Which one of the glittering vintage US car from the past can do the same ??? None I think :-)
THAT could be the reason why somebody bothered to bring this thing to a Snowy state of your beautiful country.
Au revoir et encore merci pour les photos c'est génial j'adore vraiment