Choose the Best of 2010! (and a 1964 Volvo Amazon 122S)

December 30, 2010

January 2nd will mark the blog's 13-month anniversary, which seems like the perfect occasion to reflect back on the work of the past year. Help us pick the "Best" of 2010 (and 2009) by sending an email to, or simply commenting on your favorite posts. There's no limit on the number of favorites, and we don't even know how long this list will be. We'll post the list the first week of January.

Happy 2011, and thanks for all your support.



Justin said...

WOW-Look at the moss on the trunk-they have an little ecosystem going on back there.
Now, my favorite posts.....
The orange '84 720.
The turqoise '76 B210
The '72 Sport Suburban
The '79 T&C with the well-worn wood
The Starion collection
The '69 Polara
The '79 woody 210 wagon
The FLAWLESS Mitsubishi Mighty Max with over 600,000 on the clock.
The 710 5-dr with Z-car rims
The '56 Chevy 210 wagon
The 504 wagon
The '80 Supra Liftback with the 80's-rific louver
The '78 Corolla non-deluxe
The '78 SR5 hatch with the uber 70's graphics.
I could go on....... >:D

Chevrolet Nova said...

Love them Swedish cars. And hey, why not, I am from Sweden! :-)

john said...

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Ali Rad said...

very nice blog thanks ^_^
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Irani Bash said...

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