1968 Ford LTD.

December 30, 2010



Tony Piff said...


actually, the understated styling and colors look more like something out of 1978 than 1968.

hidden headlights are the only thing that could make me think "muscle car" for a fraction of a second, before my peripheral vision caught up. ...ford was probably starting to take their styling cues from cadillac at this point. ...an old person's car all its life, methinks.

really great survivor car. love the paint finish. 4 beautiful hubcaps.

Justin said...

WOW-A bone stock '68 LTD and one of the first Mercury Bobcat's-what a nice way to finish off the year.
Love the whole car-everything is perfect-the paint fits perfectly with the various styling cues and the hubs compliment it nicely

Anonymous said...

These old 4 dr. sedans could "Haul ass" if they had the right engine, a 390 c.i.V8 was an option, ya know?

John G said...

This '68 LTD looks pretty good, considering. It has a few cosmetic issues. Aged paint, broken trim pieces, but it sits right. These cars were beautiful when new. I own one now. It's a 2dr hardtop with the 390. Same color as this one. Lime Green Metallic. You'd be surprised how nice this car would look with fresh paint and new trim pieces!

James said...

I had a '68 LTD Brougham- white with burgundy interior and a black vinyl top. It was my high school car. I added an 8-track stereo under dash and some cherry bomb mufflers. It had a 390 w/4 bbl and dual exhausts. I appreciate it much more now than then. Pretty good first car!

Kars4Kids said...

We just got this same car as a donation. I was Googling around to see if anyone had more information about it. I found this site. The donation we got is not, in as-good condition as yours but still pretty cool. Check it out Kars4Kids Garage