Magical Parking Spot: 1970 Ford Maverick.

August 29, 2011

Parking spot previously occupied by, of all things, this Comet sedan (which was recently spotted by Ben, now with chicken-wire grill).


Adam Holter said...

Nailed that lighting! The last shot is a real beauty.

Ben Piff said...

Wonderfully subtle everywhere, although I would have liked a little more style put into that back panel or at least some tail lights that fit the space a little better.

Those tidy little bumpers really help me remember that this was a compact car at the time.

That thin pin striping above the wheel wells really sets off the curves, I hope the owner can find a matching piece to connect em.

Magical lighting this time, for sure! At first I thought your title only related to how nice these indoor shots turned out.

Unknown said...

I almost bought a 74 model back in 1999, with the boat anchor bumpers. It only had 12k miles on it and was pea green. Tempting, but I already had a 15k mile Pinto~ 2 liter boat anchor bumper model. Seemed a bit much. I

Justin said...

Totally nailed the lighting. Loving the white with color-coded dogdishes, makes it look even more barebones.

Jonthesmartass said...

Class minus 1 hitch.